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What is on the homepage?
What is on the entity pages?

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is on the homepage?


1. TextMed Directory: gives links to the top 10 referenced entities for these categories: disease, drug, chemical, organism, organs, tissue, cell and other medical terms. The linked entities are accessible with only one mouse click.

2. Search functionality: Locate the entity you are looking for with one search.

3. Entities: Index pages for all entities by letter for each category.

4. Sources: All sources by ordered letter.

5. Disease of the Day: is picked among the top 1000 entities and is updated daily.

6. What's New: displays the latest major change on the TextMed website and has a link to the What’s New page with all the previous updates.


What is on entity pages?


1. Juxtapositions: For the last 7 days, last 30 days and forever. Blue line indicates the number of coreferences and orange bar indicates the number of references

2. Coref./Ref. Bar: References track the frequency with which we observe a given entity through our corpus of news articles. Coreferences track the frequencies with which two given entities appear together in news articles. The length of orange bar is a function of the entity references while the length of the blue bar is a function of entity coreferences. A higher ratio of blue implies a stronger relationship between the two entities.
Thebar links to a page where the articles that reference both entities are displayed.

3. Last Generation Date: is the last time the page is generated.