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TextMed Team


Contact Information


Prof. Steven Skiena
Computer Science Department
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4400

TextMed is a research project in natural language processing and statistical analysis being led by Prof. Steven Skiena in the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University.

TextMed is a search engine for medical entities: diseases, drugs, chemicals, organs and organisms.TextMed aims to identify relationships between these medical entities.TextMed uses natural language processing techniques to track medical entity references from the scientific literature, and a variety of statistical techniques to analyze the relationships between them. TextMed presents our analysis of roughly 15 million Medline/PubMed medical abstracts, including the latest abstracts analyzed as they arrive each day.

TextMed is an academic research project, not a commercial operation. TextMed technology is available for licensing through the Research Foundation at Stony Brook University.

Project Leader

Steven Skiena

Role: Project leader
Interests: Algorithms, computational biology


Anand Mallangada

Role: Classification
Interests: Algorithms, AI
  Andrew Mehler

Role: Heatmaps, NLP
Interests: Algorithms, theory
Mike Bautin

Role::Keyword Generation
Interests: NLP, Algorithms
  Alex Turner

Role: Entity Relations extractor
Interests: Algorithms
Ashwin Subrahmanya

Role:: Web Developer
Interests: Algorithms
  Sandesh Devaraju

Role: Pipelines Master
Interests: NLP
Sushma Devendrappa

Role::Markup and Snippet Extraction
Interests: NLP, Algorithms
  Jai Balani

Role: Spidering
Interests: NLP

Graduated Students

Jae Hong Kil

Role: Question Answering, NLP
Interests: Data mining, NLP, IR, IE
  Levon Lloyd

Role: NLP
Interests: Algorithms, NLP
Manjunath Srinivasaiah

Role:: Pipeline master, NLP
Interests: Algorithms, game theory
  Namrata Godbole

Role: NLP, spidering
Interests: NLP, databases
Prachi Kaulgud

Role: NLP (Medline), web interface development
Interests: DB systems, text mining
  Alexander Kim

Role: Pipeline
Interests: Network analysis, databases
Dimitrios Kechagias

Role: Spidering
Interests: Financial computation, web programming
  Michael Papile


Role: Geographic normalization
Interests: Sofware development
Izzet Zorlu

Role: Web interface development
Interests: Internet marketing
Class of 2006
Copyright (c) 2005 The Research Foundation of State University of New York
Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University